Email and Contact Forms

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Email settings

NOTE: Custom email groups are a new feature in FTH 2.2. They are set up in the membership management area.


Recipient of replies

You can define who gets replies to certain types of emails.

These are member mailing list, group mailing list and officer mailing list.

Some clubs prefer replies to be sent to all members, or members of a group in the case of custom groups and officers.

Others decide that this makes for too much email and prefer fewer people to receive replies.

To set up the reply behaviour, click on the relevant field and make your choice from the pull-down menu.

Setting recipient of replies to emails


Publicly accessible custom email groups

These are custom email groups with only one person in them. Set them up in the same way as other custom email addresses, but add only a single member.

This gives you a way of adding an additional officer with a publicly-accessible email address. This could be someone responsible for organising Speechcraft programmes, for example.

To enable this feature, check the box and save.

Public custom email group setting


"From address" format

You can choose between Club First, Name Last, e.g.

Toastmasters Club nnnn on behalf of Yu Li

or, Name First, Club Last, e.g.

Yu Li on behalf of Toastmasters Club nnnn

where nnnn is your club number.

The first one is the default. You may wish to change it if your club members have a definite preference for the second.

Make your choice from the pull-down menu and save.

From address and subject prefix settings

Subject prefix

You can add a prefix so as to make emails from your club more distinctive. This can be especially useful if members belong to more than one club which uses FreeToastHost.

Enter the new prefix and save.

For example, entering ABC TM will cause every email subject line to start with [ABC TM]


Club archive email address + login info

FreeToastHost acts as an email forwarding service only. It does not store emails.

If you want archived copies of your emails, you can set up a club account with a free email service such as gmail. Enter the club email address in the Email Archive Address field, and the password in the password field.

Be aware that this archives everything. You can't choose to archive only some emails.

Email archiving settings


Email security

FreeToastHost already has spam protection built in. If you're happy with the way it's currently working, you don't need to do anything.

This tab allows you to fine-tune the settings in case the defaults aren't working for your club.


White list

These are email addresses that are allowed to send to groups that ordinary members can send to. You may want to add your club coach or club mentor to this list, for example.

Enter each name or domain, separated by commas, and save.

Email white and black list settings

Black list

If you are getting unwanted emails from just a few places or people, you can put the names in this list.

They can be specific email addresses, or whole domains. Entering a whole domain in a blacklist will stop email from anyone whose email address ends with that domain. For example, it will block This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and everyone else from That applies even if one of those addresses is in the white list.

Enter each name or domain, separated by commas, and save.


Use "Crowd-sourced" Email Blacklist

Use "crowd-sourced" email blacklist option

Using this option checks your email sender addresses against the blacklists of all other clubs and districts using the system.

It is enabled by default. Uncheck the box if you don't wish to use it.

Two points to note:

  • Mail may take slightly longer to be processed
  • If you're likely to get legitimate emails from some of the blacklisted sites, you may want to add them to the Exceptions list. Notifications from social media sites would be an example.


To see what's included in the "Crowd-sourced" blacklist, click on the "See Crowd-Sourced Black List" button.

"Crowd-sourced" blacklist view

This can help you to determine which blacklisted addresses need to be included in your Exceptions list.


Add "Is this SPAM?" links to publicly accessible email addresses

Add Is this SPAM links to emails

If you check this option, all emails sent to publicly-accessible email aliases will acquire a "Is this SPAM?" link at the bottom.

This makes it a lot easier to add addresses to the club blacklist, as it can sometimes be difficult to decide where a spam email actually originates from.

A notification will be sent to the site admin, who can check that the link hasn't been added by mistake (because of a misdirected click or other reason).

If you choose not to check the link, you will need to use the method below to determine where an email has originated.


How can you tell where a spam email comes from?

Emails may appear to come from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., which of course you can't blacklist. However, they really come from somewhere else, which is the address you want to include in your blacklist.

To determine this address, click on the "reply" button (BUT DO NOT SEND) and the spammer's address will appear in the address bar. Copy this address and add it to your blacklist. Then close the email reply without saving or sending.


Anti-Spoofing phrase

This is a phrase that will be attached to emails that come through your FTH website. That is make it clear that a particular email did come via the club site, and not from some other source. Make sure that your members know what it is and why it's there, or it might even have the opposite effect to what's intended!

However, be aware that it doesn't guarantee that the content of the message is OK. If a member's email is hacked, for instance, it will still show the phrase.


Set anti-spoofing phrase

The choice of the phrase is yours, up to 250 characters long.


SpamAssassin setting

SpamAssassin is a spam filtering service that gives email a spam score depending on certain characteristics. The more items associated with spam that it contains, the higher the score will be. These can include Subject lines, a questionable domain of origin, and phrases that you would expect to see in a scam message.

A setting of 5 is the default for FTH, and is also common on other email systems. A lower setting stops more questionable email; a higher setting lets more of it through.

It's not perfect, though, and sometimes legitimate messages get mistaken for spam.

If you are finding that a lot of legitimate emails are getting blocked, you might want to raise the setting a little.

SpamAssassin setting


Club email addresses

No settings are made here, but this tab allows you to see the email addresses and redirections that are in place, without needing to login as a member.


Receiving emails from Base Camp for Pathways

Emails from TI about Base Camp matters currently go to the address that's on file in Club Central. See updating club contact for details on what this is and how to change it.

If you wish to have those emails automatically forwarded to the VP Ed, President and Secretary, do the following:

Enable the "Contact us" email address in Email and Contact Forms

Update the Club Contact info in Club Central to the contact address


Any emails from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. will automatically be forwarded to the VP Education, President and Secretary. All other emails will go to to the recipients of Contact Us form messages, as usual.

Automatic forwarding will also work if you have one of the publicly accessible officer email addresses in Club Central, in which case you don't need to enable the Contact us email address.


Contact form

Contact form redirects can be set by officer role OR by member name.

Setting club contacts for the "Contact Us" form


Enable/disable This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. email address. This is a publicly accessible email address and sometimes is the target of spam. If you're getting a lot of spam, you might want to turn this address off entirely.

Contact form greeting and closing settings

Contact form greeting and closing

This setting allows you to personalise the greeting and closing to suit your club.


Saving information entered in the form

If you enable this setting, the system stores the person's details in a group, which saves having to add them manually later on.

If the person leaving the message has not clicked the "opt in" box on the contact form, their details won't be recorded.

Saving contact info to a list



Mentoring form

This setting selects the person to whom the email gets sent. This is usually the VP Ed, but may be another officer or a specific member if necessary.


Access to Assign Mentors tools

Click on the box (arrowed) and save if the person who is handling mentor/mentee requests doesn't otherwise have access to Membership Management.

Give access to mentor management area

This gives him/her access to the Assign Mentors tools only, not the whole Membership Management area.