FreeToastHost Year-end Musings

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As we come to the end of 2017, I thought I would be a bit self-indulgent and take a look at what got accomplished this year with FreeToastHost updates.

All in all, I am pretty happy with what we were able to accomplish in updating the system this year. (However, there is always more to do.)

  1. Built out the Agenda Emailer to allow for the emails to be used more effectively to sign up for meeting roles, drop meeting roles, and confirm meeting roles.
  2. Along with #1 above, implemented meeting attendance tracking and reporting.
  3. Made the meeting sign-up sheet more usable by allowing certain future meetings to be omitted and by adding spreadsheet grid format as an output option.
  4. Upgraded email security with the roll-out of DKIM email security support, crowd-sourced black list, anti-spoofing phrase, and the addition of the "Is this SPAM?" links to certain emails.
  5. Made email more useful with the roll-out of user-supplied email template support.
  6. Upgraded website security with the roll-out of HTTPS support and automatic SSL certificate generation and renewals.
  7. Improved localization features with the implemenation of user-selectable date and time formats.
  8. Added some more appearance "bling" with the implementation of a website "wallpaper" feature.
  9. A number of miscellaneous other features to make the system easier to use.

As I mentioned in my prior blog post, I do have some goals for the future.  I am already working on some of those in my spare time.  Please log in to your websites as the admin occasionally so that you can get my notifications of system updates.

Steve James, DTM
FreeToastHost Ambassador
FreeToastHost System Developer