Meet Our Team

Here is our team of developers and "ambassadors" who are responsible for the success of this project.  The ambassadors are all Toastmaster volunteers who devote much of their free time to assisting other Toastmasters with their FreeToastHost websites.

Bo Bennett, PhD, DTM, Founder, Developer

Bo joined Toastmasters in 2003, after a painfully embarrassing speech given to a room full of his contractors.  Desperate to improve his speaking skills is the least time possible, he devoted full-time to being a Toastmaster, and completed all 40 speeches in a record 6 months.  He served the required leadership roles to achieve his DTM in record time of just over one year.

In 2004, Bo created the FreeToastHost website hosting platform for all Toastmasters clubs.  Today, FreeToastHost hosts over 10,000 clubs -- around the world.

In 2008, Bo started the Toastmasters Podcast, which began as a district podcast, then in 2010 transferred ownership to Toastmasters International, to become the organizations first official podcast.  Today, Bo, with his friend and business partner, Ryan Levesque, continue to host the podcast that serves as the voice to over a quarter of a million members worldwide.

Bo received his Bachelor's degree in Marketing, Master's degree in general psychology, and holds a PhD in social psychology.


Brian McDonald, DTM, PDD, Lead Technical Advisor

With 40+ years in the IT industry Brian currently spends his time as an Internet Consultant, supporting web servers. Brian is an active Toastmaster, and the lead for the FreeToastHost support team. Brian is a Past District Director for Toastmasters District 61 (2016-2017) serving Eastern Ontario, Quebec, and Northern New York.

As a Project Manager on contract with GreenTreeHosting he supports their web hosting customers and servers. Brian is also one of the people behind the scenes for,, and

Jane Atkinson, DTM, Ambassador

Jane is a member of two clubs in Auckland, NZ, and has been a member of Toastmasters since 2006. She's still trying to figure out how come she was asked to be an Ambassador.


Roger Morehouse, DTM, Ambassador

Deceased, Roger will be missed by the FTH Community.

Steve James, DTM, Ambassador, Developer

Steve James, DTM resides in the Los Angeles area and has been participating in Toastmasters off and on since 2003.  Steve is a big believer in ongoing learning, growth, and development throughout his life and strives to encourage those commitments in others. Steve enjoys a variety of outdoors activities, listening to music, and personal growth seminars. An avid technology enthusiast, Steve is trained as a Chemical Engineer and works in the process automation industry. Steve has regularly dabbled in various software technologies throughout his career and occasionally won awards for the results of his labor. Steve strongly believes that technology should work for people (easy to use and understand), not the other way around. Steve is honored to be able to support the website needs of Toastmasters worldwide as a FreeToastHost Ambassador and Developer, and looks forward to discussing how implementing a FreeToastHost website can contribute to the ongoing success of Toastmasters Clubs.


Pam Holley, ACB, ALB, Ambassador

Pam Holley, ACB, ALB has been a Toastmaster since 2012. She took on the role of Club Webmaster soon after joining and spends too much of her free time tinkering with her club’s FTH site. She has served as VPE and President of her club based near Brisbane in Queensland, Australia.

Pam has lived on 4 continents and is hoping that by being a FTH Ambassador she might be on her way to reaching her life-long ambition of becoming an armchair adventurer. Somehow she always seems to end up in real life dramas - she has found herself gasping for air at the top of Mt Kinabalu; weathering 75 knot winds on a sinking trimaran; coming up from a night dive to be confronted by bandits wielding rusty sawn off rifles; cartwheeling down ski-slopes at Whistler; falling out of a hot air balloon; sailing backwards up parts of the Inside Passage in Alaska; rescuing a buddy on a 42m dive and has stepped on a night-adder and been held up on her way to school by a herd of buffalo.

Linda Mann, DTM, Ambassador

Linda Mann, DTM has been a member of Toastmasters since 2004 (13 years). Linda became a Distinguished Toastmaster after 4 or 5 years and she really enjoys helping others. Linda is a web developer/graphic designer (web geek) and is a member of four clubs. Three of them are in District 33 and one is in District 52. Since joining Toastmasters, Linda has completed around 13 Competent Communicators (CTM's), three Advanced Communicator Bronze's (ATM's) and is working towards her second Advanced Communicator Silver. People tell Linda all the time that Toastmasters really has opened her up more in her communication with others.

George Marshall, DTM

George has been a toastmaster since 2003, District 57 (Northern California). Creator of Tools for Toastmasters, which offers different ways to look up some TM data: Currently Area Governor, backup district webmaster, D57 Statistician, R.E.P. Ambassador and co-producer of the D57 television show:

Wes Brzozowski

Wes wishes we'd learned learned public speaking as soon as we were old enough to write, so he's glad for Toastmasters. He's held most officer positions in his club, but has settled into the Vp-Ed slot, where he can help new members along on their journeys to becoming excellent speakers. He's a retired Electrical Engineer/computer programmer, history buff, always has several writing projects in various stages of disarray, and enjoys travel to places where he and his wife can do lots of exploring. His current passion is to transform his club website into something excellent. As an Ambassador, he'd like to help other clubs do the same.