Introducing FreeToastHost 2.0

Written by Bo Bennett on . Posted in Blog

I can't believe that it's been almost 8 years since the launch of  Back then, in 2003, web-based technology was very different and I used what tools I had to create a system that did the trick.  But as we all know, 8 years in Internet time is like a lifetime in the real world.  In 2011, the technology is available to do some amazing things  Likewise, web browser technology is to the point where virtually all Internet users can take advantage of this technology.  When Toastmasters International had asked me to update the FreeToastHost platform with some new templates as part of the major re branding campaign, I felt like this would be giving a 1980 Toyota Camry a new coat of paint.  What I really wanted to do, was deliver them a Ferrari.  FreeToastHost 2.0 is the result.