Assigning Mentors to Members

Written by Jane Atkinson on . Posted in Documentation

Mentoring is an important part of the Toastmasters programme. FreeToastHost provides a system for keeping track of mentoring assignments and notifying members when assignments have been made.

To access the mentor assignment area, choose "Assign Member Mentor(s)" in the Members tab of the Membership Management screen.

Accessing mentor area


If you have been assigned special access to the Mentors area, you'll be able to access this directly from the Members Only menu when you are logged in.


Assigning mentors

Select the mentee from the list of members.

Select the mentee

Select one or more mentors from the pull-down list.

Select mentor(s)


If you want to notify the mentee and mentor(s) of the new assignment, check the box before saving. Emails will automatically be sent to mentee and mentor(s) when you save.

Save and optionally notify members


Removing mentor assignments

After you have selected the mentee, click on the mentor pull-down list and remove the checkmark from one or more mentors. Save as usual.

Removing mentor assignments


Note: Emails will not be sent when mentor assignments are being removed.