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TOPIC: Documentation doesn't explain from where name tag field values come

Documentation doesn't explain from where name tag field values come 2 years 2 months ago #63879

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Looking to update my club's name tag template for the new year, I found some issues. First, I wasn't sure what some of the field names truly meant, and next, I was unsure from where the program was grabbing values to put in some of the fields. I'm submitting this under doc feedback because I believe the name tags part of the manual should be more comprehensive about the available fields.

It appears that the award-related fields and the namesuffix field get values from what's typed after a person's name in the membership table, but I would have thought namesuffix to be a place to handle "Jr." or "M.D." If I change my name entry to "Arthur Farnsworth, Jr., ACS, ALS, lastname = "Farnsworth Jr." and namesuffix = "ACS, ALS" Omitting the comma between my surname and "Jr." doesn't change anything.

Here's my code followed by the output for "Arthur L. Farnsworth Jr., ACS, ALS" as the membership table entry.

File: Name Badge Test.html
Author: Arthur L. Farnsworth
Purpose: File to test all of the field values in the name tag tool
Created: 10 Jul 2017
<STYLE type="text/css">div.ntThisStyleBlockIsIgnoredDuringPrinting{} table.ntHeading { table-layout: fixed; vertical-align: middle; text-align: center; color: white; font-size: 18pt; line-height: 90%; background-repeat: no-repeat; background-size: 100% auto;}div.ntOutline { border: 1px solid LightGray; border-collapse:collapse; }
Print all field names and values
name: {{name}}<BR>
firstname: {{firstname}}<BR>
lastname: {{lastname}}<BR>
FN caps: {{firstnamecaps}}<BR>
LN caps: {{lastnamecaps}}<BR>
namesuffix: {{namesuffix}}<BR>
datejoined: {{datejoined}}<BR>
membersince: {{membersince}}<BR>
officerrole: {{officerrole}}<BR>
emeritus: {{emeritus}}<BR>
clubname: {{clubname}}<BR>
clubnumber: {{clubnumber}}<BR>
caward: {{caward}}<BR>
laward: {{laward}}<BR>
awards: {{awards}}<BR>

name: Arthur L. Farnsworth Jr., ACS, ALS
firstname: Arthur
lastname: Farnsworth Jr.
namesuffix: ACS, ALS
datejoined: 2003-07-01
membersince: Member Since 2003-07-01
emeritus: Officer Emeritus
clubname: We The Speakers
clubnumber: 9376
caward: ACS
laward: ALS
awards: ACS, ALS
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Documentation doesn't explain from where name tag field values come 2 years 2 months ago #63890

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Added Jr as a recognized namesuffix (somehow I missed that)

The award stuff is derived from namesuffix (a subset of it).
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