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TOPIC: Value of Improvement Suggestions

Value of Improvement Suggestions 3 years 10 months ago #45101

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The Improvement Suggestions forum is an invaluable resource for looking for ideas for future FreeToastHost updates. Member input is regularly reviewed and evaluated.

Here are just some of the user issues and ideas that have been addressed in the update to FTH2.2:
  • Registrar Information box (users were unaware of expiration dates)
  • Menu Text Size Adjustment (user suggestion)
  • Menu Style (user suggestions for more menu flexibility)
  • Web Page tools (ambassador and users suggestions for saving web pages to external file and loading from them)
  • Access Settings (users wanted more access to admin console)
  • Custom groups (an ambassador and also some users suggested this)
  • Reset Welcome Message to Default (ambassador/user suggestion)
  • Send Basic Email (user comments--wanted to send email from within website)
  • Export Contact Info (user comments/suggestions)
  • Arbitrary multiple officer role selection (user suggestions)
  • Undelete of member info (user comments--members deleted instead of made into Former Members)
  • Overall Membership Revamp (a number of user comments/confusion plus additional development improvements)
  • From Address Format for Emails Forwarded by FreeToastHost (user suggestions)
  • Prefix Subjects of Emails with The Following Text (user suggestion)
  • Club Archive Email Address (clubs wanted to see what past emails had come through but do not have access to our email logs)
  • Email Black List/White List/Spam Setting (various user comments regarding individual club settings for spam)
  • Contact Us Form Greeting/Closing (user suggestions regarding customization of Contact Us form)
  • Relocate this Web Page's Menu Entry (confusion around how to use menu position #)
  • Role change notifications (user suggestions plus developer input)

Please feel free to add suggestions to the category "Improvement Suggestions". FreeToastHost is developed and maintained by volunteer toastmasters for toastmasters. Your commendations and recommendations are important to all of us.
Pam Holley, DTM
FreeToastHost Ambassador
VPM, Redlands Toastmasters Club 5836.toastmastersclubs.org
D69 Parliamentarian 2018-2019
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Value of Improvement Suggestions 3 months 1 day ago #71930

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Continuing the theme of this pinned topic thread, here are a number of improvements that resulted directly or indirectly from Improvement Suggestions and user feedback for FTH 3 (basically a cumulative list since FTH 2.2 was released):

  • HTTPS Support (user suggestions and browser warnings)
  • Alternative Time/Date Formats (user suggestion)
  • Ditch the use of BB Code (developer initiative since BB Code is not intuitive)
  • Replace Photo Tool (User feedback and user challenges w/ replacing photos)
  • Rotate Photo Tool (User challenges w/ rotated photos taken on phones)
  • Broken Link Checker (User challenges w/ broken links)
  • Web Page Variables (User request for automatic way to show next meeting date on home page)
  • Floaters testing method (User challenges w/ seeing floaters after they update them)
  • Bing webmaster tools support (User feedback)
  • "Is this SPAM?" links (User challenges w/ determining what email address to use for blacklist)
  • Meeting Role Confirmations (user suggestions)
  • Meeting Attendance Tracking & Reports (user suggestions)
  • Designate a meeting role as an agenda editor (user feedback)
  • Project filter/search in Project Drop-down (user feedback)
  • Base Camp Notifications re-routing (user feedback)
  • Delegate Access to an "Other Officer" (user feedback)
  • Un-delete for Meeting Agendas (user feedback)
  • Date selection for Meeting Sign-up sheet (user feedback)
  • Improved Email Agenda function (user feedback)
  • Ability to sign up for meeting roles from Emailed Agenda (users requests for mobile support... needed a stop-gap measure)
  • Support for TI format agenda print layout (user suggestions)
  • Email templates (User feedback and interest in more email features)
  • Improved member login for periods of high server usage (user feedback)
  • Mobile Friendly template (users suggestions)

Thank you for your continued support of FreeToastHost.
Thank you for your ideas, feedback, and enthusiasm.
:cheer: B) :)
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