Forum Rules

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Support Forum Rules

1) Please post your club number in every post, or add to your forum signature. The admins will often need your club number in order to investigate the problem. For information on how to edit your forum signature, see Getting help with your FreeToastHost site.

2) Please start a separate message thread for you problem. Every problem is different and if you hijack (= post at the end of) another's post they will get all the emails about your problem.

3) Please read the Documentation before posting. Many of the answers you are looking for are in there.

4) Please be patient. The volunteer Ambassadors are trying their best to help you. Currently, they don't all have access to the internal workings of the servers.

5) Please only private message when you are giving private information. By sharing your particular problem you may help another person.

6) Ensure that you abide by the forums' Terms of Use at all times.

7) Any spam, "adult" content or other objectionable messages will be deleted as soon as discovered and the users banned.

Updated 7/31/2015

Getting Started Video

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FTH 2.0 Video User Guide

If you are the visual type who wants a detailed walk through of FTH 2.0, then site back and enjoy this 56 minutes, commercial free :), video user guide as presented by the creator of the software.

Watch the Video Now!

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