Getting help with your FreeToastHost site

Written by Jane Atkinson on . Posted in Documentation

You don't need to join the forums if you can solve your problem just by reading.

If you need to ask for help, please follow the steps below.


1. Click on Register for Support or Create an Account

Links for forum registration


2. Choose a name, username and password.

Your username is the one that gets shown on the forum. It's best NOT to use your email address as a username. Spammers might get hold of it.

You'll need to enter the CAPTCHA text. It's a device to minimise spam. If you have difficulty deciphering it, you can click on the blue reload button (arrowed) to get another one.

Registration form


3. It's a good idea to put your club number in your forum signature.

Go to, click on the Profile Information tab and scroll to the bottom.


How to include club number in profile
Screencast provided by Brad Smith

4. Post a message by clicking on "new topic".

DON'T post at the end of someone else's thread (often referred to as "hijacking" or "jumping"). The other person ends up getting all of the email reminders for someone else's (i.e. your) issue, which isn't fun.

New topic tab


If you're not sure where your post should go, put it in Support Requests. Moderators will move it if necessary.

 New post form

5. Make sure that your post is as specific as possible.


Your first post isn't immediately visible. Moderators need to approve it. This is another safeguard against spam posts. Sometimes approval takes only a few minutes, other times it may be several hours. It depends entirely on who is online at the time.

DO NOT PM* the volunteer ambassadors for help (unless you have been asked to, of course). You'll only be asked to post in the forums. Why not save time and just create that post.


6. Comply with the Terms of Use at all times.


*PM = (send) private message