Agenda index

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There are three basic categories or levels of access to the agenda system, outlined below. (This is in addition to what an ordinary member can do.)


Processing an existing agenda

Edit an existing agenda

includes adding and deleting roles if necessary

Edit the agenda header

View and print speech introduction notes

Traditionally, the Toastmaster or Chair of the meeting can do this, but any other role can be designated as able to edit the agenda.


Creating / deleting agendas

Create a new agenda

This can be from a template or an existing agenda

Delete an agenda

only recommended in special circumstances, such as testing

The default for this level is VP Education, but any other officer(s) – up to three – can be designated.


Handling templates, and managing overall settings

Configure agenda overall settings

Create and delete templates

This can be the VP Ed but it doesn't have to be. This and the previous level can be managed by different officers. Up to three can be assigned.


The website admin is the "super-user" and can always access everything.



A note about agendas vs. templates

Think of an agenda as a photocopy of a template. After the copy has been made, changes in the original (the template) don't affect the copy. Neither do changes in the copy (the agenda) affect the original.

To help you to be aware of which you are editing, the following may be useful:

  • Agendas can only be edited from the site agenda area.

  • Templates are edited from the admin panel only.