Screen capture uploading to FTH Support

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How to take and upload a screen capture to the FreeToastHost support forums.

1. In Microsoft Windows, from the screen you have questions about, or are receiving an error message from, click on the Alt key and the Print Screen (or PrtScr) button and release.  If you are using an Apple computer, the basic instructions for taking a screen capture are here.  Also, if you are using Microsoft Windows 7 or later, there is a great accessory included called the Snipping Tool that greatly simplifies taking screen captures from part of the screen. Read here for details on this: MS Windows Snipping Tool

2. Open a Paint program (or similar) and either click Paste, or click on the Ctrl and the V keys.

3. If you are using Paint, you can click on the Select icon, and then click on Rectangular Section option. You can now place your cursor at a starting point and drag the cursor over the section you want to keep, and then press the Crop icon from the ribbon above. This will keep just the section you have highlighted. If you make a mistake, click the Ctrl and the Z keys to Undo what you did. (To Undo the Undo, click Ctrl Y)

4. Save the resulting picture as a jpeg file, with a meaningful name, noting where it is saved to. If you have a difficult time following the folders, save it to your desktop.

5. Log in to the FTH2 support forum.

6. Click on new topic, and enter the subject of your problem or question.

7. Enter the message, making sure you have also supplied your club number.

8. Below the message field is a button named Add File. Click on the Add File button. Navigate to the folder (or desktop) where you saved the picture. Click the file name and then click the Open button.

9. The file name will now be listed in the attachments.

10. Click the Submit button.

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