Email Troubleshooting

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Typical Email Issues and How to Resolve Them

1. "I sent an email to the members/officers list and *nobody* got it."

  1. Verify that the destination email list address is correct. We can check if the system thinks it is invalid. Also, new or modified email addresses are validated in Membership Management. You can force an email address to be re-checked in Membership Management by simply typing a space on the end of it and clicking save. (The space will get removed by the code.)
  2. If the sender got a bounce email back, what does it say? Often, a user will try to send an email from their work email address, but they forgot to add it as a secondary email in their member profile so that the system will "recognize" them and let the email pass.
  3. Check that there is nothing blocking *outgoing* emails on the user's end. Some recent spam filters will block *outgoing* email to recipients that the email provider deems as suspicious. That seems to happen with Hotmail a bit and also with corporate email (w/ company clubs).
  4. If you are using a custom domain, your DNS settings may be incorrect (MX setting). You can use, or to check against required DNS settings for custom domains (
  5. The sender's ISP may be on SpamCop or similar which will cause it to be blocked by the FreeToastHost server. Brian can check that.
  6. The club/district Spam Assassin threshold score may be set too low in the Email and Contact Forms module.  This can cause emails to be incorrectly filtered out as spam. ("false positives")
  7. The sender may be blocked by the server for other reasons. We can check that.
  8. We can check our email logs to determine whether the email was ever processed by FreeToastHost.
  9. We can check our email logs to determine whether the email was received by any end recipients.

2. "I sent an email to the members/officers list and *some people* never got it. (some did)"

  1. See directions in 1 above.
  2. Have people who did not get the email check their spam/junk email filters on their end.
  3. Verify that the people who did not get the email actually are in club/district's Membership Management and that their email addresses are correct. Typos are more common than you may think.
  4. Verify that the affected member(s) do not have their hold email settings in their member profile set to include the current date.
  5. Verify that the affected member(s) email address was not inadvertently put on the Email Black List.

3. "I sent an email to our officers using their officer email addresses (aliases) and one or more did not get it."

  1. Usually, this is an officer email address that has been disabled in their member profile. If you are the club admin, you can change the setting for the officer by logging in as the officer with the admin password. (But you should ask the officer for permission to do that first.)

4. "I was told to send an invitation to our guest list and/or former members list, but I keep getting an error back when I try to send it."

  1. You (or the sender) are likely not a club/district officer. Only officers can send to those lists. Tell the sender that the club can make them an "Other Officer" and then they will be able to send to the lists.

5. "I tried to send out the agenda, reset my password, etc. from our website and the email never went through."

  1. The key thing here is that these emails were sent ***from the website***. Emails sent from the website are handled *differently* than those a user sends from their email program or webmail. When sending email from the website, sometimes there can be a bit of a delay during high website usage (e.g. Mondays). There is a spinner that is displayed while the system is trying to send the email. If you do not wait for the spinner to stop and the Toastmasters logo to display, then your email may not be sent. You need to be patient and let the spinner finish and the logo to be displayed.

6. "Why am I getting an error when I click a link to send an email from the club email listing?"

  1. The links in the club email listing are a bit misleading. They only work if a user has an email client *program* assigned in their system to handle those links. Web mail usually will not do that. If the user is only using webmail and not actually an email program (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.), then those links will give an error when you click them.

7. "I am a club/district officer. How do I access my FreeToastHost email account for my officer email address?"

  1. FreeToastHost 2 is an email ***forwarder*** and does *not* provide email accounts. *All* of our email addresses and distribution lists *forward* to another email address that users have put into the system (Membership Management). There are no email accounts.

8. "I received an email from our club/district website and it appears to be coming from a someone that is no longer a member of our club."

  1. What is most likely happening in this case is that your email provider is caching the display name of the server email address, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  Gmail definitely does this.  What this means is that the first descriptive name (usually a person's real name) associated with an email address is being saved and re-used for every email from that same email address afterwards, even if the display name is different in subsequent emails.  While this can be confusing, there is an easy fix...  Just create a contact entry in your email contacts for the server email address and put an appropriate name (or FreeToastHost Server) in for that contact entry.
  2. If you are using an email client such as Thunderbird, you may have an address book entry with the former member's name in it. Either delete the address book entry, or edit it to remove the person's name. As suggested above, you could add a generic name such as FreeToastHost Server.