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Using the agenda

The agenda system is designed to let you add and remove yourself from roles, provide speech information and add meeting notes

Just because it is technically possible to do this, might not mean that your club operates this way. Some clubs still prefer to have the VPED, or other officer, take care of all the role assignments. Be sure to check with your club officers on your club's policy.


After logging in, click on the Agenda link. This shows the next agenda, or in some cases, today's agenda.

To go to another agenda, choose the date from the pull-down menu.  You can also use the left and right arrow buttons to load the prior meeting agenda or the next meeting agenda, respectively.

Note: only agendas from the last 5 meetings are shown, by default. (depending on how the website is configured) If you want to access an earlier agenda, either click on the "List All Agendas" box, or use the club calendar to find the agenda that you want and then click on it.


Signing up for a role

Click on the Sign Up button on the right-hand side of the agenda. You may need to refresh the page to see the change fully.

Signing up to a role

If you've signed up as Toastmaster or Chairman, or if you are VP Ed or club President, you'll get a different view of the agenda once you've refreshed the page. See editing the agenda for additional details.


Removing your name from a role

Click on the [ X ] to the right of your name. You may need to refresh the page to see the changes fully.

Removing name from role

Depending on how the website has been set up, your mentor, VP Ed or Toastmaster may automatically be notified.


Adding speech details

Important: Sign up for the role before you add speech details. Otherwise, they'll be lost and you'll need to add them again.

Choose your speech project (manual and project number) from the pull-down menu.  The pull-down menu contains a filter feature that allows you to type in a few letters to search for your speech project.  If you select a PATHWAYS project from the pull-down menu, two buttons will appear (Project Description and Evaluation Form) that will allow you to view and print the project resource PDFs for the project you selected.

Speech Details

Add a speech title and an introduction. The title is visible to everyone, but only the VPEd, Toastmaster, admin and President/chairman can see the introduction.

Click on Update Speech Details.


Adding and editing meeting notes

Meeting notes allows you to leave brief comments, for example, that you're unable to attend the meeting.

Remember to save/update the note after adding or editing it.


Emailing someone on the agenda

Click on the small envelope just to the left of "role filled by" and the person's name.

Your email client will open with the person's address already in the address bar. This can be useful when you need to check something with one of the participants (e.g. a speaker whom you are going to evaluate).


Confirming Roles and Attendance

There are two areas where you can confirm your participation in a meeting. This can make the VP Ed's and Toastmaster/Chair's job easier.

Attendance notification menu


The first is the pull-down list near the top of the agenda, just below the row of buttons. When you make your selection, the online agenda will automatically save your setting. You can change your setting later if you need to.

If you set this to "No", anyone editing the agenda will not be able to assign you to role.

If you use a signup button to take a role, attendance will automatically be set to "Yes".


Confirming a meeting role


Secondly, you can confirm your assigned role by clicking on the "Confirm" button below your name (or photo).


You can't remove a role confirmation. You need to remove yourself from the role entirely.