Creating a new agenda

Written by Jane Atkinson on . Posted in Documentation

Creating an Agenda

Admin and, usually, VP Ed

You can create an agenda using a template or an existing agenda as the basis, or you can build it from scratch. Usually, the former method is preferred.

Click on the + icon in the agenda task bar near the top.

Choose a date

Choose a template. You'll be asked if you want to update the start time to the time associated with the template. Click YES or NO, whichever is appropriate.

SAVE the agenda. Now you can begin editing it.

If you want to build the agenda from scratch, don't choose a template but do set the start time. Make sure that you add at least one item in the Meeting Agenda Items tab before you save and close the window, otherwise the agenda will disappear.

From here on, the procedure is the same as for editing an existing agenda. See editing an agenda for details.