File management

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Uploading files for later download by a website visitor or a club member

Uploading files

Launch the Admin Console

Select File Manager from the drop down list.

File manager

From the File Manager screen, click on the Select File To Upload button and select the file(s) to upload. The files will then upload automatically.


Renaming files

After uploading, you will notice that the file names of the files you just uploaded have been entered into the File Description field for each file—spaces are replaced with underscores.

This file name (circled) is reasonably clear, but we may want to change it to something more descriptive.

Type the new name in the box and click on the SAVE button.

If you then click on Refresh, you will see the files in the order in which they'll appear to the user.


Making files public

All files are only visible to members, by default, when you first upload them. To make the files available as public downloads, click on the little padlock symbol in the Options column. It will then change to an open lock symbol.

If you later change your mind, just click on the open padlock symbol and it will change to a locked one.

In the image above, only the guest record sheet is a members-only download.


Note: You no longer need to have Adobe Flash installed to be able to upload files.


Organising files in folders

You can organise your downloadable files into folders so that they are easier to find when downloading.

First, choose your folder names.

In this example, we have decided to use two folders: "VPM files" and "New members"

The folder name goes in front of the file name, with a colon and a space separating the two. For example

VPM files: New member induction script

We are putting three files in the "VPM files" folder, and two files in the "New members" folder.

When you've made the changes, SAVE as usual. Click on Refresh if you like to reorder the files.

Folders in File Management window


Note: The folder is automatically created when you put its name in front of a file. You don't need to do anything first.

If you want to move a file to another folder, just change the folder name text. E.g. VPM files: to New members: If the folder doesn't already exist, it will be created automatically. 

Important: You can't have two files of the same name in different folders. E.g. you can't have New members: officer notes and VPM files: officer notes, or the system gets confused. Make sure that the portion of the name following the folder name is unique. E.g. New members: officer info and VPM files: officer notes


Here is how it looks in the Downloads area. When you first go to the area, the folders are closed.

Folders in Downloads page


Clicking on the folder icon (circled) opens it, showing the files.

Folders in Downloads page, with folder open

Click on it again to close it.

Note: The files above are Member only downloads, but the method works with public downloads as well.


Linking directly to a file

To link directly to a file from a page on the site, see this page.