When previous administrator is no longer available

Written by Jane Atkinson on . Posted in Documentation

Maybe your previous admin has left the club and hasn't arranged for a replacement, or hasn't handed over the login details when asked. Either way, you can regain access to the site by requesting a change of administrator.

First, make sure that your club contact email address is up to date on the Toastmasters International website.

  • The changes don't appear immediately in the find-a-club listing. It may be several days before that is updated. Please wait until then before proceeding with the next steps.

Let the owner of that address know that a confirmation email will be coming from FreeToastHost and to click on the "confirm" link when it arrives.

Click on the link near the bottom of the "login as site admin" form. This will take you to www.toastmastersclubs.org/change/ Fill in the details as requested.

The confirmation email goes to the existing administrator and the contact email listed with TI.

Once the change has been approved, you will get an email with a link in it. Click on the link to access the site as admin.

When you've done this, open the admin console and check the administrator details. Change the password if you wish.