In January of 2004, we introduced FreeToastHost to the Toastmasters community. Since that time, FreeToastHost has been helping clubs attract new members, operate more efficiently, and keep current members informed and interested. Over 11,000 Toastmasters clubs around the world benefit from the no-cost websites and on-line tools provided by FreeToastHost such as the duty roster, member directory, e-mail lists, club calendars. August of 2011, we introduced FreeToastHost 2, a generational update in the platform for Toastmasters Club and District websites.

In August 2018 we introduced FreeToastHost 3, the next step in Toastmasters Club and District websites with responsive templates and changes to support the EU GDPR laws.

FreeToastHost is a webhost specifically for Toastmasters clubs and districts anywhere in the world. Each website comes with easy-to-use web-based software ideal for any Toastmasters club. Providing your club is listed on, there is no-cost for this service! FreeToastHost was created by a Toastmaster, and is maintained and supported by a group of Toastmasters, with the cooperation of Toastmasters International. FreeToastHost 3 websites use the domain names and for the club and district websites, respectively.

FTH 2.0 Video User Guide

If you are the visual type who wants a detailed walk through of FTH 2.0, then sit back and enjoy this 56 minutes, commercial free :), video user guide as presented by the creator of the software.

Watch the Video Now!

Help files have been updated

When you need information on using your website, you need it in a hurry.

You don't always have the time to browse through help files. And I can think of more interesting things for weekend reading, anyway.

We've always had plenty of documentation and other help files on this website, but there's been a problem. They were in various places and not always easy to find. Especially when something has gone wrong and you really want to get it fixed a.s.a.p.

That's now been changed. There is one place to go for docs.

Some of the docs have been written from scratch. Others have been updated. Yet others have been used as is. The aim is to cover what you need to know to manage your FreeToastHost website.

But if you think that something important is missing, or it could be written more clearly, please let us know. Post a message in the Documentation feedback forum and tell us how it could be improved.