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User docs

Browsing the site and logging in

If you are having trouble logging in or getting changes to "stick", try these first:

Cookie settings
     Internet Explorer cookie settings (for V. 9, but similar in other versions)
Clearing the browser cache

Member profile

Using the mailing lists

Email lists and aliases


Agenda members' view

Guide to the agenda buttons

Printing and emailing agendas

Role reports and signup sheets

Club calendar

Downloading files


Extended or special access

(for VP Ed, Treasurer, President, Toastmaster, Club officers)

Editing an existing agenda

Printing speech introductions

Officer notes in member profiles

Officer email list (included in Email lists and aliases)

Dues management

Paypal email button


Administrator docs

Accessing your new website

Try these first if you are having problems:

Cookie settings
Clearing the browser cache

Website settings

Basic settings

Website aliases
Setting up domain registrars
What's the difference between Aliases and Domain names?

Appearance (includes turning off unwanted content)

Home Page

Adding and editing content

Google ranking

Information / Directions

Google maps

Adding TI logo to a Google map

Social media links

Floater messages

Administrator info

Website statistics

Membership management

Importing membership list from TI
Members with shared (or no) email address

Activating Meet our Members page

Email & Contact Forms

Custom pages

Adding and editing content

Google ranking

Links to other sites

Backup your custom content

Recovering content from Google cache

File manager

Linking to files

Meeting agenda settings

Agenda default settings

Creating agenda templates

Creating a new agenda

Editing an existing agenda

Deleting an agenda (not normally recommended)

Dues management

Paypal email button



Using the webpage editor – online demo

Changing site administrators when the current one isn't responding

Updating contact info on Toastmasters International website


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