Administrator info

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Define your administrator

These settings are especially important if this is a new site or you've just changed administrators. You want any password reset requests and other admin communications to go to the right person.

  1. Click on the "Administrator Info" tab.
  2. Go through the options and customize the settings.
    • The administrator's name should be up to date. Enter ONE person's name only.
    • Administrator's email: make sure that this is a working email address. Don't use one that is tied to your club website, or there could be problems contacting that person.
    • Password: when changing the password, enter it twice, once in each field.
  3. When you are done, click the "Save" button at the bottom of the admin console window. This will take you back to the main screen, the Club Website Settings.

Your administrator does not have to be a member of your club.


Administrator info

Email notifications

Check the box to send notifications about member password resets to the admin email address.

This allows the administrator to be aware if anyone is having difficulty logging in and might benefit from a little help.


The second box allows the administrator to be sent notifications if there is a login from an unrecognised device or IP address. It can be disabled if there is too much email as a result of this, but please note that you (the admin) assumes any additional risks as a result.


Website Admin login messages

These are mostly used by the FreeToastHost team to send out messages to all admins. They are mainly about new features, though occasionally other topics appear.

They can also be used to leave a reminder to yourself, or to other officers who may have admin access to the website. The system does NOT send emails.

You see the messages (if any) when you log in as admin. You can then either leave them there or delete them as necessary.