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Hints for using the mailing lists

Accessing and Using Club E-mail Addresses

Your new FTH website has a whole list of new e-mail addresses associated with it that each have their own uses and "rules". You can find this list and links to the e-mail by clicking the "Edit Your Member Profile / Private Member Directory" link – the "Club E-mail Addresses" pane will open by default (this would be "District E-mail Addresses" for districts).

General Format for E-mail Addresses

If you are using your own club domain name (not the or domains), then your e-mail address format will be


If you are using the toastmastersclubs/districts domain, your club e-mail address format will be


As a regular member, you do not have your own e-mail address – the club has list addresses and addresses associated with specific officer roles, but not an address for each member of the club.

Sending E-mail to Your Club Addresses

Not everyone can send messages to every club or district list – each list has its own requirements which are explained under each list address in the "Club E-mail Addresses" pane. For example, only members of the club can send messages to the club list.

How does the system know if you are authorized? It checks the "From" address you use in your e-mail client against BOTH your main e-mail address and your backup e-mail address as shown in your member profile (on your FTH club website – NOT the Toastmasters International site). So be sure at least one of these two e-mail addresses are actually the one you are using as your From address when you send e-mail.

If your message is not delivered for any reason, you will get a message back with an error message, telling you why.

Do not use BCC. It is not supported by FTH.

These are e-mail aliases – if you are part of any list or officer alias, there is no extra "place for you to check your e-mail". All of the messages are forwarded to your main e-mail address in the member database.