Floater messages

Written by Jane Atkinson on . Posted in Documentation

A way to get a guest's or member's attention with a brief message

You can enter messages that appear at the top of the browser window for both members and guests (two different messages). These messages show up only once per session – so as to not annoy members and guests.

Floater message

 Floater messages can contain more than one link. The link will appear in a different colour, as in the screenshot above. In this case, the link goes to the meeting info / directions page, but it can go to a link on another site if you wish.


Floater message editing tab

Editing of floater messages uses an extremely simplified form of the page editor, which allows for some basic styling plus creating links.

Remember to SAVE when you've finished.


If access to website settings has been delegated to one or more officers, those officers will be able to edit the floater messages.