New member welcome

Written by Jane Atkinson on . Posted in Documentation

After you add members, you will want to let them know what to do next. You can use our default welcome e-mail, or customize your own.

Click on the New Member Welcome tab to access this message.

Here is what the default looks like:

Hello {{membername}}:

Welcome to the {{clubname}} club website. The URL (web address) of this website is


You have been setup as a member of this website. As a member you can sign up for roles, update your profile including social media links, your photo, and other information, download member only files, sign up as a mentor or offer to mentor another member, and more.

To login, visit the club website and click the "Member Login" link under the "Members Only" section. If this is your first time logging in as a member, or if you forgot your password, you leave the password section blank and click the "Authorize / Login" button. You will be sent a login link via e-mail. Click that link, then you will be prompted to set up a custom password. This is a password that *you create*, it has not been assigned.

If you have any questions, let me know!

Thank you and enjoy our club website!

{{clubname}} Website Administrator

Notice the variables surrounded by the double braces {{}}. These are replaced with the value of the variable during the mailing process.

You can change the content of this message. If you want to discard your changes and start again, click on the "Reset Welcome Message to Default" button.

You can send the message to one or more members.  Click on the "Select New Members to Welcome" button and check the names you wish to send to. Clicking on Save at the bottom of the panel will send the message.

You can test the email by sending one to yourself, to make sure that the variables work as expected.