Responding to emailed agendas

Written by Jane Atkinson on . Posted in Documentation

Emailed agendas may contain signup buttons for vacant roles, links for confirming whether or not you'll be at the meeting, and buttons for confirming or dropping a role that's been pre-assigned.

Which of these you get will depend on how your club has the website set up, and what the sender has chosen to include in the email.

Confirmation and signup buttons


Signup and confirm / drop buttons are immediately under your name or picture.


Attendance notification links

Attendance confirmation links (circled) are just above the agenda header.


If you don't have the MAILTO link option selected in your Member Profile (see here), when you click on any of these, you'll be taken to a screen asking you to enter your password. Entering your password then allows the agenda on the website to be updated.

Password screen for confirming roles

If you'd like to enable MAILTO links – meaning that you can respond by email in future and not use passwords – check the box (arrowed) before clicking Submit.

You'll see the following screen:

Warning notice about email-only responses

There are a few email systems and clients that don't work well with MAILTO links. If yours is one of them, you can remove the setting in your Member Profile.


If you have enabled MAILTO links in your profile (BEFORE the agenda was sent to you), when you click on a button or link, a new email will open in your email client.

Email confirming role acceptance

Just leave everything like it is - do not change anything - and send.

You'll get a reply, usually within a few minutes, to confirm that your changes have been made.


You can also use the agenda signup buttons in the same way, to take on a new role.