Meeting information and directions

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Information / Directions

This is a separate page for telling prospects about your club meeting times and location.

Unless you have some other way of letting potential guests know about your meeting details, this page is a very important one.

Make sure that the details are clear and easy to understand, and are kept up to date.


If you want to include a link to your contact form, use (yourURL)?contactus



Meeting Information/Directions Page Reference Notes is a space for leaving technical notes for your successor (or yourself if you want to remember how you did something at a much later date). These might be about special features you used, or where to find photographs, for example.


See adding and editing page content for details on how to use the page editor.


Add a map to your page. See


If your venue is difficult for a first-time visitor to find, include a photo of the outside of the building.


You can set the background colour for the page using the Background Color button if you want something other than white. See Background Colors section in the Appearance settings page for details of how to do this.