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Please note

There is NO link from your FreeToastHost site to membership information in the Toastmasters International database. You need to enter and update the information yourself.

However, you can download the information from Club Central and use it to add new members in bulk.
See for details.


Index to membership management panel


• To access the membership area, select it from the pull-down menu in the admin console.

Select membership area


The Membership management panel contains a lot of different options. Not all of them are needed straight away. We suggest focusing first on the basic items and coming back to the others as you need them.

Basic items are marked with a


Main membership panel
   This includes:

Adding individual members UPDATED

Membership tools

Send basic email
Add login message
Make name tags
Membership reports
Upload photo
Export contact info
Delete people
Undelete people

Assigning officer roles
View/edit member profile

Assigning mentors

Non-member panels (guest, former member, etc) UPDATED

Quick add (for adding new people in bulk)

Importing membership list from TI
    useful if you're setting up a brand-new site

Members with shared (or no) email address

New member welcome email

Custom groups

Membership management settings NEW
    for setting who gets new member notifications


How to make "Meet our Members" visible?

See activating-meet-our-members-page


Keep your membership list up to date

Remember that the information on your club site will not update automatically when people leave the club.

We recommend that, after each renewal round, you get the latest membership information from Club Central and match your club membership details to the official ones. Members who have left the club can be moved to the Former Members category.

Remember also to change the officer designations in July, and also in January if your club elects its officers semiannually.

In addition, it's a good idea to review the guest and prospect tabs, to remove people who are unlikely to return to the club.